Step 1: Product Selection

Platform Product License Type Price Quantity
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 RiverTools 4.0 Single-user, personal use $600
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 RiverTools 4.0 Single-user, floating network $1090
Macintosh OS X RiverTools 4.0 Single-user, personal use $600
Macintosh OS X RiverTools 4.0 Single-user, floating network $1090
Linux RiverTools 4.0 Single-user, personal use $600
Linux RiverTools 4.0 Single-user, floating network $1090
Total cost:   $

Terms and Explanations

* After purchase, you will receive instructions for how to download the installer for your operating system. The complete User's Guide is available from within the application in both PDF and HTML formats. A printed User's Guide is no longer available. There is one User's Guide that applies to all platforms.

RiverTools 4.0 is a stand-alone product; users do not need to purchase IDL or any other product in order to use RiverTools. However, users who wish to have simultaneous access to the IDL command line for running IDL and low-level RiverTools commands may purchase IDL separately from Exelis Visual Information Solutions (formerly ITT). Simultaneous command-line access to IDL while the RiverTools point-and-click interface is running allows IDL and RiverTools commands to be accessed directly for greater flexibility with batch jobs and complex tasks. RiverTools commands are documented in the RiverTools Command Reference as part of the help system.

A personal use license allows one designated user to install and run RiverTools on one single computer. It is not transferrable to other users.

A floating network license allows RiverTools to be installed on multiple computers in a network and use by multiple people. This type of license is not associated with a single, designated user. However, the maximum number of concurrent users is equivalent to the total number of floating licenses (or seats) that are purchased for the network.

Educational lab/department licenses are also available and allow either 10 or 20 concurrent users.

Software maintenance is optional and may be purchased in one-year increments, so that any new product versions that are released during the specified year will be mailed to the customer at no additional cost.

Academic and volume discounts may be available on some licenses. Special pricing may also be available for upgrades. Discounted prices cannot yet be processed by this website, but credit card orders can be placed by telephone or by fax.

Shipments are made within a few days after receipt of an order. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards are accepted and may be used to make purchases online with our secure forms. Payments may also be made by check or prepaid purchase order. Licenses are not issued until payment is received.

Residents of Colorado must pay all applicable sales taxes. These are calculated automatically by the interface based on our physical address and the customer's shipping address. Sales and use taxes for other states are the responsibility of the customer as are taxes and duties associated with international orders. If an international order requires shipping, it is generally shipped via FedEx International.

Please send e-mail to regarding lab licenses, academic discounts, volume discounts and other questions.