Rivix Goes to Geomorphometry 2013 in Nanjing, China

In October 2013, Rivix Software travelled to the beautiful city of Nanjing, China to attend a conference called Geomorphometry 2013. The photos at the top of this page were all taken in Nanjing. The International Society for Geomorphometry is a non-governmental association of researchers and experts (geomorphometry.org) interested in all of the products and information that can be extracted from digital elevation models (DEMs) and related best practices. The ISG was founded in 2009 after many of the founding members successfully authored a book together called Geomorphometry. The ISG has a biennial meeting where participants publish peer-reviewed proceedings papers. Past meetings have taken place in Plasencia, Spain (2006); Zurich, Switzerland (2009); Redlands, California, USA (2011); and Nanjing, China (2013). (Update: For 2015, the venue was Poznan, Poland. The venue for 2017 is not yet decided.)

We gave a workshop at the conference where we demonstrated the major features of RiverTools 4.0 using a pre-release beta version. The workshop was a great success and the students were all engaged and enthusiastic. They explained how it was much easier for them to read and understand English when written (vs. spoken) and how the illustrated, step-by-step RiverTools tutorials therefore made it easy for them to get up and running. Several students from the College of Geographic Science helped us set up and test the software in their computer lab before the workshop. We are especially grateful to our host, Professor Guoan Tang, to "Edison" (his English name) for technical assistance, to Yanzi, who was a great help with the logistics and Dachu Gong for leading sightseeing tours around Nanjing. Everyone we met in Nanjing, whether on campus or around the city were warm and friendly and we are eager to return to the lovely city of Nanjing someday.