RiverTools 3.0 Data CD

RiverTools 3.0 shipped with a CD full of sample data, which could also be purchased separately. Here are some of the sample data sets:

USGS DEM Mosaics of SDTS data, 30m pixels

Rocky Mountain National Park
Canyonlands National Park
Arches National Park
Great Sand Dunes National Monument
Crater Lake, Oregon
Factory Butte, Utah
Islands of Oahu and Maui, Hawaii
Mt. Saint Helens, WA (before and after eruption)
Periodic Rills near Bledsoe, Kentucky
Beaver Creek, Kentucky
Kentucky River, KY, with all associated DLGs
Harvard Glacier, Alaska

Other Mosaics and Samples

ETOPO5 Data for North and South America
GTOPO30 Mosaic of Europe
GTOPO30 Mosaic of USA
MOLA Topography for Mars
IBCAO Bathymetry of the Arctic Ocean
NOAA/NOS EEZ Bathymetry samples
USGS 3 arcsec Mosaic for Grand Canyon, AZ
NED Sample for Mount Saint Helens Region
LIDAR data for Swift Creek, NC
Collection of "Test Surfaces" (cone, saddle, pyramid, etc.)
Collection of ESRI Shapefiles
Collection of Digital Line Graphs (DLGs) for rivers in Kentucky

A complete listing of the contents of the RiverTools data CD is available here.

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