GEBCO (Gridded Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans)


GEBCO provides global bathymetry data sets for the world's oceans. However, it also includes land data, largely derived from the SRTM30 data set. The data is available at two grid spacings: 30 arcseconds (GEBCO_08 Grid) and 1 arcminute (GEBCO One Minute Grid).

Grid Information

Coord. System: Geographic decimal degrees, fixed-angle
Cell Size: 30 arcseconds (1/120 degree or 1/2 arcminute) — GEBCO_08
1 arcminute (1/60 degree) — GEBCO 1-Min
Pixel-center registered
Tile Dimensions: 43200 columns x 21600 rows (GEBCO_08, 1 tile)
21600 columns x 10800 rows (GEBCO 1-Min, 1 tile)
(43200 = 120 x 360; 21600 = 120 x 180; 10800 = 60 x 180)
Tile Span: 360 degrees (longitude) x 180 degrees (latitude) (GEBCO_08, 1 tile)
Data Type: 2-byte integer, signed
Horizontal Datum: WGS 84
Vertical Datum: mean sea level
Vertical Units: meters
Nodata Value: Not applicable
Formats: NetCDF format, GMT (Generic Mapping Tools) conventions

How to Import

For the GMT/NetCDF format, choose Import DEM → GMT/NetCDF Raster from the File menu and then select the file, which will usually have the filename extension "*.grd".

Data Source


See comments for Data Source.

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